New Exhibits at the Barrick and an Upcoming Production

If you haven’t gotten a chance to visit the Barrick within the past week, mosey yourself on down to UNLV and check it out! We just put up two fantastic exhibits in both the Main Gallery and Community Gallery of the museum. Lincoln Maynard’s opening for his Urbis Octaptych: The City… the Times, the Promise was just last Friday and we had a pretty great turnout. If you weren’t among the lucky visitors of the opening, dinny fret!! Lincoln’s work will be displayed until September 10th and that gives you plenty of time to check it out. Remember: Admission is free, so that shouldn’t give you any excuses to miss it!

The other exhibit we have came to us from the Nevada Arts Council. It’s titled Great Basin Exteriors: A Photographic Survey. It’s pretty stinking amazing, you guys. Adam Jahiel, Nolan Preece, and Daniel Cheek are the artists involved and by golly, they’re fantastic! The best part of that exhibit is that I helped nail it to the wall. If the photographs are crooked, whoa – that wasn’t me.

We have some pretty exciting news as a museum to share with everyone: Around September (we haven’t quite set the date yet) we will be hosting a production of Red in the Center Gallery of the Exhibition Hall. Red is a play based on the story of Mark Rothko, 20th century Abstract Expressionist painter. The production is set in the artist’s studio with all the dialogue being between Rothko and his assistant. We’re so stoked to be having a production in the gallery!

So keep checking our events in the future for a set date on the Red production! Or come in and sign up for our newsletter to be sent to you via email. Better yet, just come in and check out the Barrick!


One thought on “New Exhibits at the Barrick and an Upcoming Production

  1. I visited in November. I was especially interested in the artifacts from Central America, but my notes are not what I’d wish them to be. Is there a site that explains the pottery and ceramics?

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