There’s something going on at the Barrick

Well, where to begin…it’s been awhile since I’ve posted and there have been a lot of changes at the Barrick. Here’s the shortlist: the Barrick now falls under the direction of the College of Fine Arts; we’re closed for renovations and will re-open in late-Spring (or early-Summer, you know how construction time-lines go); and the Las Vegas Art Museum collection will be housed at the Barrick. Whew! Big changes, especially when you consider we were faced with closure just 7 short months ago.

We’re renovating our storage and exhibition spaces, so there’s been a whole lotta packing going on. Plus, there‘s more involved in switching administrative units then you would think. But soon we’ll be working on rewriting our mission, public programming for the ‘new’ Barrick, and just figuring out our place in our new world. I’ll keep you posted as we figure things out.

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