The Barrick is open! We are finally open again. What a whirlwind of a year, the Barrick went from facing closure to restructuring, renovating, and reopening as an art museum. A real museum. Something the Las Vegas community has been without for several years. The Barrick is a unique institution – connecting art and culture of the past with the contemporary. We’ll soon be launching provocative programming: Barrick Talks, Barrick Lectures, Barrick Films, Barrick Preforms, Barrick Tours…over the next year. At the core of this programming will be the recognition that art plays a crucial role in all aspects of the human experience.

On any given day at the Barrick, you can find visitors engaged in lively conversations, reading, studying, creating, and viewing our exhibits. The Barrick is positioned – physically and metaphorically – at the heart of campus and through the Museum the Las Vegas community can gain access to the diverse riches of the university community and gain first-hand exposure to the larger world of artistic creativity through exhibitions and programs. 

We strive to make the museum experience unlike your stereotypical, old-time museum visit. We are committed to being a welcoming and engaging place – whether you are an experienced museum goer or a first-time visitor – and are always looking for new and exciting ways to connect with the community and with other local cultural groups. If you have ideas, suggestions, or thoughts of how we can do this please let us know.

Remember, the Barrick is YOUR museum and museums take their character and quality from the communities they serve. 




The Barrick is back!

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