Condition Report: Ballplayer



Colima Culture, Formative Period , BC 300–AD 300

Condition Report Drawing by Stephanie Cottas, Volunteer

Figurines serve as models for what a ballplayer might have looked like and the role they played in society.  They are most often depicted wearing yokes and other protective pads and sometimes holding bats, balls or other ritual objects such as the conch shell trumpet. Many of the figurines produced by the Western Mexico Colima culture functioned as whistles and would have been played as part of a ritual ballgame celebration.


2 thoughts on “Condition Report: Ballplayer

  1. Pretty interesting. Post and let us know how much of the older collection of Central American stuff is still visible in the new museum.

  2. We currently have a student curated exhibition titled “Pre-Columbian Sacrifice: The Burden of the Elite” on view in the Michael C. and Mannetta Braunstein Gallery. This gallery is solely devoted to our collection of Pre-columbian artifacts and will feature rotating shows. The “Sacrifice” exhibition explores elite class sacrifice and ritual through the themes of feasting, hallucinogenics, bloodletting, and the ritual ballgame. The ballplayer above is in the show along with 100+ other objects!
    More info here

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