Commentary: “Joseph Nechvatal’s Information Is Not Wisdom …”


Barrick volunteer Helena Cohen considers Information is not Wisdom, by Joseph Nechvatal.

“Joseph Nechvatal’s Information Is Not Wisdom individualizes peoples’ interpretations of art by rewarding detailed observations of the work with hidden treasures buried within the piece. This pencil and pastel piece of art, from afar, appears to be nothing more than scribbles on a page. With a closer look, however, these scribbles soon transform into characters — into people. Suddenly, the apparent randomness in the shape and direction of the lines transforms into something much more intentional. New objects and people pop out at every glance — a toddler with a crown, a young man, a woman with her child — all populate the scene with their veiled existences. This detailed piece gives second looks an even greater importance in the realm of art. In the case of this Nechvatal work, the term “up close and personal” never seemed more appropriate.”

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