Commentary: “Isn’t it funny …”

Barrick volunteer Briana Casel considers the volunteer experience.
“Isn’t it funny how the most intriguing and beautiful things in this world end up being right under our noses the whole time, without us even having a clue of what we are missing out on? To think I was an art major at UNLV for a whole year and didn’t even know where the Barrick Museum was located, let alone that it even existed. The Barrick Museum should be something every art major at UNLV is involved in or at least has seen and experienced for themselves. I remember the first time I went to the museum. I was in my second semester and was running around campus frantically with a large Batman sculpture I had built to enter into a competition at the Donna Beam Gallery. Another student, whom I had asked where the Donna Beam Gallery was located, had directed me to what turned out to be the Barrick Museum. As soon as I came in I saw Alisha who not only kindly helped give me directions to Donna Beam but also showed me around the gallery. The gallery was filled with local artists’ pieces, and it really captured the beauty of Vegas’ art “scene” splendidly. Never before have I seen such a variety of styles all blended together in such an elegant gallery, where even the ceiling dazzled its guests. Just shortly after I asked Alisha if there was anyway I would be able to volunteer in the Barrick.  Turns out they are looking for volunteers and appreciate any help they receive. Just from the past two months of volunteering alone I have learned how to hang pieces properly, have gotten the experience of working with aged pieces, have learned about current artists that I’ve never heard of, and have gained multiple friendships along the way. If I could give any advice to art majors of UNLV, students of UNLV, or just locals in general it would be to stop by and take a peek at the museum. You won’t regret it. It may even open up doors to possibilities you weren’t even aware of.”  

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