Download: The Xerox Book

Conceived by Siegelaub as an inexpensive artists’ publication – each artist was afforded twenty-five pages [plus a cover / title page] to execute a site specific project for the publication. The resulting projects were among the most important ever printed by these artists Carl Andre, Robert Barry, Douglas Huebler, Joseph Kosuth, Sol LeWitt, Robert Morris and Lawrence Weiner.

If you’ve seen the first Vogel documentary you’ll know that Lawrence Wiener and Sol LeWitt are recurring presences. There, in one shot, is Wiener with his beard like lightning fluff. There in another shot is an artwork by LeWitt who died in 2007.

At Monoskop you can download in full the Xerox Book of 1968, an art book that incorporates work from both of them, and work by Robert Barry as well, who is mentioned more frequently I think in the second documentary, Herb and Dorothy 50×50. (The Barrick is showing two pale, spare Barry pieces, both named Untitled, and both dated 1978.)

In fact all of the artists who worked on this book have been collected by the Vogels.

There are more art downloads at Monoskop, and at the ultimate source of the Xerox Book link, Primary Information.

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