The Barrick’s New Student Organization

A note from The Barrick Student Association’s organizer,

I am pleased to inform everyone that we have our very own Barrick Student Association. Through this club I hope that everyone can gain an appreciation for museums and those who run them. I have already learned so much about the museum from the three months I have volunteered here, and hope to share that love and appreciation to others. This club will hold its first meeting on September 16th at 5:30 p.m. , which will be followed by an artist lecture at 7 p.m. (Roy R. Beherens). The meeting will be held in the Barrick Museum. This club will open up opportunities for students that they weren’t aware of. They will get to work with art, attend artist lectures, learn new things about museums, and work with younger children. Along with volunteering and learning about the museum, students will make new friendships and get more involved in Vegas‘ art scene.

If you are interested we would appreciate you coming out and seeing what it’s all about.

Briana Casel

Do you want to get more involved in the Barrick Museum?

It’s official! The Barrick Student Organization is now looking for officers and members.

The Barrick Student Association is for students who share a common interest in art, museums, and/or cultural history. the BSA is dedicated to strengthening UNLV student involvement in the Barrick by creating and supporting the interactions between art, cultural history, UNLV students, and local artists. By becoming involved, UNLV students will explore their own creative potential in the curatorial, writing, and programming realms through events and student-generated programs. Students are required to volunteer fifteen hours every semester at the museum. The group attends artist lectures, and helps to promote the museum



Student Organizer:

Briana Casel, Art Major and Barrick Museum volunteer:


Aurore Giguet, Barrick Museum Director:

Alisha Kerlin, Barrick Museum Collections and Office Manager:


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