Gertrude Stein



Our thanks to everyone who visited us for the discussion on Friday afternoon. There were some questions about Gertrude Stein, and so, assuming that the people who were asking those questions might read this blog, I will post a few links:

The Penn Sound Archive of Gertrude Stein recordings

Gertrude Stein Aloud: Prose Readings by Wendy Salkind. “These audio performances have been informed by research into Stein’s life and analyses of her writings.”

Four of her books at Project Gutenberg

The text of her play, What Happened.

The World is Round: a Pocket Opera. “This is a rough live video of a workshop production performance of THE WORLD IS ROUND, a pocket opera adapted from Gertrude Stein’s book.”

The Mother of Us All — part one of nine. “Virgil Thomson’s neglected opera, with libretto by Gertrude Stein, about Susan B. Anthony.” I think this is also available at Ubuweb, but that site isn’t loading for me today.



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