Halloween at the Barrick

Barrick volunteer, graduate student and LVAM collection assistant Rebecca Pugh considers Halloween.

We thought, in celebration of the thinning of the veil, we would share a small selection of some of the spookier objects in the collection…

 Vessel, Maya Culture, Late Classic Period      AD 600-900

On view in the Michael C. and Mannetta Braunstein Gallery as part of the “Sacrifice, The Burden of the Elite” exhibition.

In Xiabalba, two supernatural beings argue over a decapitated human trophy head offering.  The beings have human bodies, animal heads and toad-like hands.

 Flaming Sweets, Atsushi Fukui     2003     Acrylic on canvas

On view in the Marjorie Barrick Museum as part of the Passage to the Future: Art from a New Generation in Japan exhibition.

 Detail from Divine Comedy, Salvador Dali     1963     Woodcuts in six volumes

Las Vegas Art Museum Collection

Gift of Dr. Barry Bates and Dr. Janet Dufek

To view more of this edition and other books in the Braunstein Library please call 702.895.3381

Richard Willenbrink’s painting titled, Self Portrait in Pink Dress, included in the LVAM collection, is very reminiscent of Halloween. The skeleton’s spooky smile and arms extended out in the air implies a position of a playful scare. The skeleton stands behind Willenbrink who wears a pink dress and hat, arguably a costume. Decapitated heads of a pig and fish are laid out on Willenbrink’s table. The pig’s eye stares directly at the viewer and moves the viewers attention towards the set of eyes on the human head that rests on the table. This begs the question, is this a mask or a decapitated human head?

Reverse Sacrifice  Anonymous donation to the Found Object Collection in the Art Bar of the Marjorie Barrick Museum.

Assortment of masks from the permanent collection of the Marjorie Barrick Museum. Currently not on exhibition due to being too scary!

Happy Halloween from all of us at the Marjorie Barrick Museum!

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