Just another day in Paradise here at UNLV


Flashlight, by Claes Oldenburg.
Photograph by Ryan Weber/Radiant Photography: from the Desert Companion.

Audrey Barcio, a Barrick volunteer, MFA graduate student and LVAM collection assistant, recommends “the best art and food day” for anyone on the UNLV campus.

1. First you have to start off your day with coffee and donuts at Al’s Donuts, 1220 E Harmon Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89119 (right behind the 7/11). This place has been making the best donuts since the ’70s and is a favorite of UNLV art students for morning fuel.

2. Now it’s time to work off the guilt of starting off your day with donuts … take a walk to the Donna Beam Fine Art Gallery located at the bottom floor of the Alta Ham Fine Arts Building. Make sure to check out the newest exhibition, Seeing Voices with contemporary drawings of UNLV alumni, faculty and national artists (Nov. 8-Dec. 13).

3. Before you leave make sure to ask what is going on across the way in Grant Hall Gallery located at the bottom floor of Archie Grant Hall.  This gallery is dedicated to student exhibitions.  Our MFA studio art students hold their midway and thesis exhibitions here.

4. Now that you are inspired, spend a lazy afternoon in the Lied Library flipping through all the wonderful art books on the 4th floor.

5. Ahh, nothing like a little healthy pho to fill your afternoon lunch break. Check out Pho Thanh Huong, 1131 E. Tropicana Ave (right down from the Vons). This place is the best, they even have truly vegetarian pho!

6. Feeling energized and ready to head back to campus to check out the Barrick Museum located near the Leid Library.  Currently on exhibition, Passage to the Future: Art from a New Generation in Japan, featuring forty-two works from eleven Japanese artists.

7. What day wouldn’t be complete without making a work of art?  Check out the Barrick Museum’s Art Bar in the lobby of the museum where you can make an artwork to hang on the wall for others to see or take your piece home with you!

8. Take time to walk across campus giving critique to all the art you have taken in today. Before you leave there is one more thing you need to see! UNLV is home to a large-scale site-specific sculpture titled Flashlight from renowned sculptor, Claes Oldenburg. (Flashlight is located between Judy Bayley Theatre and Artemus Ham Concert Hall.)  Make sure to check it out at night when the work lights up!

9. Now that it’s getting dark out, grab some the ingredients for the perfect Italian comfort food night from Cugino’s Italian Deli (4550 S. Maryland Pkwy).

10. End your night with the quirky movie, Art School Confidential. My favorite scene is when John Malkovich describes his paintings.

Good night!


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