Commentary: “The Barrick Museum is …”


Barrick volunteer and recent UNLV graduate Logan Faught considers the Braunstein Library

The Barrick Museum is such a great place. I started volunteering here at the start of the Fall 2013 semester. The great thing about volunteering here is that you never know what you are going to be doing day to day. One thing I do usually is work at the marvelous Braunstein research library. It is located at the entrance of the museum yet most people do not pay much attention to it. The library is a hidden gem inside an amazing museum. What makes this library unique is that contains so many great books. There is a strong emphasis on the art, architecture, and archeology of Mesoamerica as well as museum studies. That is not all, there is a large collection of literature such as Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll and The Complete Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, as well as many plays and poetry.  The non-literature books are just as fascinating, such as Piñatas & Smiling Skeletons: Celebrating Mexican Festivals by Zoe Harris and Suzanne Williams, a fun book that gives you insight into Mexican holidays and teaches you how to cook some traditional dishes like Tamales de Dulce.

The Barrick Museum is an Art Museum, so the Library possesses a nice collection of art catalogs. These are wonderful to look through because there are so many pieces of art that you are not able to experience any longer, but through the catalogs you can see some amazing pieces of work. One of the more interesting catalogs in the collection is Grand Musée Anatomique du Docteur Spitzner. A catalog that I like is Alice Through the Looking Glass, because it goes so well with the book.

Make an appointment and come visit a hidden gem!



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