Detail: Pasha Rafat


Pasha Rafat
Untitled ( 83.8 Kr. 36)
10 mm Krypton gas tubings
On loan from the artist

Posting the details of Pugh’s and Beckmann’s artworks has reminded us of this smart neon piece, installed discreetly by the artist in the Barrick lobby at the end of last year.

It rests so quietly against its pillar that people often miss it.

Also: congratulations to our Collections Manager Alisha Kerlin on her five-week residency at the Cosmopolitan’s P3 Studio. All over now — no more children with bunny ear hats pushing their hands against the glass and coming inside to paint rocks. No more ears, no more tails, no more glitter. No more little back room with concrete in a tub. Who’s in there next?

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