Quote: David Ryan

David Ryan LHC 2008David Ryan, LHC, 2008, from the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation

RS: You were a student of Dave Hickey’s in the heyday of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, MFA program. I was just looking at the Diaspora catalog, the show a couple of years back which Dave put together of some of his former students, and in his essay Hickey says, “I remember…David Ryan making absolutely hideous art until the day [he] decided to make absolutely wonderful art.” Did you recognize that moment?

DR: I specifically remember bumping into Dave one day on campus and he asked how things were coming along in the studio. He was wondering if I had anything for him to see. I told him I was working a lot and hopefully I’d have something worth checking out soon. He turned away and said that artists make bad things until they decide that they want to make good things. I stood there thinking, “Oh, really. It’s that easy.” And actually, it is that easy. At least in the sense that once you give yourself permission it allows you to do whatever … you want.

— from an interview with Ryan Spencer at BOMBLOG

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