Winning Awards: Tim Bavington


Congratulations to Tim Bavington, the first visual artist to be inducted into the UNLV Nevada Entertainer/Artist Hall of Fame.

(Why has it taken this long? I’ve just checked their list of past inductees and sure enough, everybody else is a performer, an architect, “one of the more popular … composers of our time,” “a longtime community and arts advocate,” “creator of the hit television series CSI,” and so on)

On an anecdotal note: his Whirlpool (2012) in the Barrick’s back hallway is the one work of art in the current exhibition that visitors under the age of ten seem to infallibly love. “What’s your favorite painting?” I hear the parents ask their children, and more than one child has pointed to that stripy spiral.

“Popular with children” might sound like denigrating praise, but I think of it as a tribute to the immediacy of that work and the uncanny way it vibrates and tugs at you when you stare at it — those narrow whips of color dragging inwards against the black.


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