This Friday at UNLV.

Stewart Freshwater %22Curious Moments%22 Metcalf Gallery Tam Alumni
Stewart Freshwater, Dreaming Naiad, charcoal on paper

We’re going to be busy this Friday afternoon. First we have Critique and Conversation. Then we will hold an opening for Private/Public. But — and this is where we have to start running from one building to another like rabbits across the lawn — Scott Grow’s thesis exhibition in the Donna Beam is closing on the same night, and a UNLV graduate from 1975 named Stewart Freshwater is opening a show of his own in the Richard Tam.

So I have made a list.

4 – 5pm: Critique and Conversation, For the Eye, in the Marjorie Barrick Museum. Jason Hill, Alisha Kerlin and D.K. Sole will be guiding the discussion. I’m hoping we’ll have our new volunteer Winita Frederick in the audience too, since she’s been reading Elaine Scarry’s 1999 book, On Beauty and Being Just. We will be looking at artworks by David Ryan and Christopher Haun and discussing the role of beauty in art, among other things.

6 – 8pm: Private/Public, in the Marjorie Barrick Museum’s Braunstein Gallery. “Images of Devotion from 19th and Early 20th Century Mexico,” curated by Emmanuel Ortega. Food and drink provided.

6 – 9pm: Scott Grow: Dreamer – Explorer – Fool, in the Donna Beam Gallery. You might have noticed his layered resin panels in the Barrick lobby over the past couple of months, the ones like rectangular nebulae. “In his work, he seeks a simplicity wherein a visual sensation, a tone, becomes embedded in the work. His hope is to encapsulate an essence of nature, the alchemical wonder of natural phenomena, through the mediums of painting and sculpture,” says the press release. More food and drink.

6:30 – 8:30pm: Curious Moments: Recent Work by Stewart Freshwater, at the Jessie Metcalf Gallery in the Richard Tam Alumni Center. The gallery is on the first floor at the top of the stairs. Freshwater should be known to anyone who likes the weekly Life Drawing workshops at the CAC. Probably something to eat here too, but I haven’t asked. You’re full by this point anyway. Freshwater’s show will run until April 25.

If you need to occupy the hour between five and six then you have the Xeric Garden, the library, Art for Art’s Sake, and the rest of the campus. The UNLV website hosts an online map if you need it.


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