The 2014 Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition

Donna Beam Juried Show 2014

The school year is slowly achieving its entropy which means that the Donna Beam has been sprinting through shows at the rate of about one a week. First it was showing the MFAs, one by one. Next it will be showing the BFAs (May 2nd – May 30th), in a group. For now there’s the 2014 Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition (April 18th – April 26th). The show was judged and hung last week by the university’s current artist in residence, Henning Strassburger. Strassburger was born in Meissen, a town in the former DDR, in 1983. If the Berlin Wall hadn’t collapsed in 1989 then he might have learned to paint the porcelain that has made Meissen famous since the early seventeen hundreds, but as it is he got an MFA from the Art Academy of Dusseldorf and puts his paint on canvases instead.

There are other shows around the city too: Mark Brandvik at Vast Space Projects opened on Saturday, Anthony Freda is showing at Trifecta, there’s four days left to catch the 25th Annual Juried Show at the CAC, Blackbird is showing Kim Johnson-Hagen, Elizabeth Blau is about to open (May 1st) at Brett Wesley, Amanda Harris has Izaac Zevalking, the Winchester Gallery has Hillary Price, Michael Barrett is in the Clark County Government Center Rotunda, MCQ has a three-person show called found, and I’ve probably forgotten a few. Our own Art for Art’s Sake will be closing on the weekend. We’ll reopen on the 9th with Jerry Lewis’ Painted Pictures.


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