Artists of Nevada

christine siemens
Christine Siemens, Kitchen Inventory, giclée print on aluminum, 2003, Nevada Touring Initiative, PANORAMA: Selections from the Nevada Arts Council’s Artist Fellowship Program


After many months of Jerry Lewis channelling Moholy-Nagy we have returned to the fields of painting, drawing and sculpture with two new group shows, Panorama and Panorama +. “Selections from the Nevada Arts Council’s Artist Fellowship Program” says the subtitle.


Suzanne Kanastiz
Suzanne Kanastiz, Restitution, Graphite on Dura-lar, 2013; Naming the Unnamed, Carbon, resin on wood, 2008; Mandala, Blood on rag paper, 2004, all courtesy the artist: from Panorama +


There’s a third exhibition as well, Yesterday & Today, completely different from the other two: a collection of traditional and contemporary work by the Southern Paiute and Western Shoshone. As I type this I am remembering Everett Pikyavit’s tight Basket, Jug (2003), lying on the shelf back there like a willow-wand lightbulb.


beaded bowlSouthern Paiute, Artist Unknown, Basket, Beaded Bowl, ca. 1920 – 1950

Yesterday & Today won’t come down until May next year, but the two Panorama shows are only here until November 26th.


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