The 1st Annual Visitor-Made Time Capsule.

Warhol Time Capsule

The time capsule that Ash Ferlito put together has been sitting on its pedestal by the front desk for months. This has given us an idea. Why not invite the Barrick’s visitors to help us build another one? Why not make it an ongoing effort, and add to it every year on the Day of the Dead, when memories of the past are being extracted from their solitude? (We will not ask for any actual deaths.) Why not, in fact, since we are an art museum, point out that Andy Warhol made hundreds of time capsules during his lifetime?

Why not ask for items that are related, somehow, to Andy Warhol?

Why not suggest some possible contributions?

— flowers (“If I had wanted to make a real sex movie I would have filmed, a flower giving birth to another flower” (The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (From A to B & Back Again) (1975))

— a clown nose. There is that Christopher Makos photograph of him with a clown nose

— a small pillow for John Giorno to rest on during Sleep (1963).

— models of two people to replace the ones who walked out during the first hour at the premiere of Sleep.

— a contract promising him a TV show. “I want my own show.”

— a dream book. His Mom had a dream book.

— a tiny wig. Something to do with a soup can, or a movie star, or an electric chair. The obvious ideas.

— a fantasy. “With everything changing so fast, you don’t have a chance of finding your fantasy image intact by the time you’re ready for it.”

— something in multiples

— an object in drag as another object. A pencil dressed like a spoon.

— beauty

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