Commentary: “What’s around the corner …”

Nice work here from two Barrick volunteers, Eric Desantigo and Shelly Volsche. All of the photographs can be credited to Eric and all of the written responses are Shelly’s.

Ceiling and walls

What’s around the corner?

Follow the path of your mind within this space. Ask yourself what the line is shining on? What’s behind the wall? Think about how we interact within spaces, corners, and walls within our worlds … and within our minds.


Life intersects among the shades of gray.

In our fast paced world, we are often asked to make snap decisions based upon black and white information. Do you see the subtleties in your world? Notice how the wall changes color amongst the shadows and light. Think of the metaphor of thought and physical environment.

directly upwards

Same but different.

Is this one space or two? Our life often hands us repeat situations that provide opportunities to learn, grow, and change. While the pattern of the tiles repeats, subtle interjections of light and architecture ask us to consider how each interaction is different, even when the players appear the same.

auditorium chairs

Are you being watched?

We often find ourselves lost in our own worlds, even in public spaces. Spend a moment of awareness to see yourself from another’s point of view. Spend a moment contemplating your interactions within space and time, with others, and with yourself.


Nature and Nurture

Human made and nature made regularly combine in space. Notice the juxtaposition of human ideas running through the complex web of natural growth. Even with the use of natural materials, human impact is noticeable.


How do you spend your time?

This image captures space and time with the depth of the contrails. Take a guess how much time passed between the leaving of each line. Three minutes? Five minutes? Ten? Consider what you accomplish with that time each day … or how you waste it.


Where are you going?

We travel many paths throughout our day, and our lives. A simple set of stairs can ask us to consider many things about the texture of our world. Where are you going? Where have you been? Do you focus on the shadows of your past or the open courtyard of your future?


It’s all perspective

This image contemplates the importance of perspective within our worlds and our lives. What does one see from the other side? There is value in considering another perspective whether solving a problem, finding a resolution with others, or seeking to interact with space in a unique way.


Off the path

So frequently we get focused on getting from point A to point B that we become oblivious to the world around us. This image asks us to contemplate the beauty we may miss if we forget to look beyond our to-do lists and objectives. Consider what experiences exist beyond the concrete.


Space is color and light

Crayons come in a plethora of colors. Piled in a heap, they play with light, shadow, lines, and intersections. As you experience your world, do you notice the colors around you? What shade of red was the pepperoni on your pizza? Was the sky blue or aqua today? Challenge yourself to notice the variety in your world.


Be where you are

Ask yourself to be within the space before you. Do you feel the warmth of the natural light at the doors? The cool of the tile floor? The comfort of the benches? How does this space make you feel?


Is your life handmade?

Consider the repetition and focus required to make a basket. There is a routine, yet variation is inherent due to its handmade origin. Is there art in your routine? Or is your life machine made? Ask yourself to be aware of the differences between textiles and materials in your daily life. What color was the carpet in your last car? What do the chairs in your classroom feel like? Find beauty and flexibility to create small variations within your routine for a handmade life.


Where’s the glass?

This image beautifully blurs the line between indoors and out. Nature meets nurture. Can you see the glass? Or do you feel as though you could simply pass through? We look through glass throughout many times in our day, our life. Ask yourself, “Am I being kept in? Or am I keeping something out?”

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