Visitor-Made Desert Drawing


Barrick volunteer Shelly Volsche writes an open invitation to our next Visitor-Made event. Text and photographs are both hers.


drawing in the garden


You are invited to help the museum create a visual catalog of the drought resistant plants in the Museum’s Xeric Garden. From fine details to broad visuals, your drawings will become part of the official Visitor-Made Guide to the Garden.




Desert inspired pieces beckon you to explore the garden. This bronze tortoise welcomes you at one of its entrances.




While the word “desert” often conjures images of desolation and emptiness, the Museum’s Xeric Garden has details of beauty…

… and color.


red and green flora




Benches are embraced by the Xeric Garden as it envelops you in its atmosphere. Allow the seating to inspire your drawings and vision.


a number of plants


The garden has a wide assortment of cacti, trees, and ground shrubs. Learn more about the variety of native bushes thriving in the Nevada desert.




And while you are here, you never know who else might be enjoying the Xeric Garden with you.

We hope to see you on March 19th!

All ages and skill levels are welcome. Art materials and field guides will be available.


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