Who Should be the Subject of Deborah Aschheim’s Next “Obsession”?

Who should be the subject of Deborah Aschheim's next obsession?

Look, we said to ourselves last Friday afternoon: we’re about to open two new shows. Let’s write a new question on the chalkboard.

The response was so quick and so fulsome that James — one of the Barrick volunteers — went out of the office this morning to take photographs and make a transcription.

Our question: Who should be the subject of Deborah Aschheim’s next “Obsession”?

(Deborah Aschheim is UNLV’s current artist-in-residence and the Barrick is showing a collection of her recent drawings. The show is called The Kennedy Obsession.)

The answers so far:

The state of obsession itself
Lady Gaga
Marilyn Monroe
Movie Stars
Nixon [response from the artist: “Already did that.”]
The feminist movement
Love Yourself
Is the government really are who they say they are
Not everyone knows
The Wizard of Oz
OJ Simpson
Nelson Mandela
Mahatma Gandhi
The mind [response from the artist: “Did that too.“]
Bus Stops
Childhood cancer
Police brutality
Occupy Wall St
Dita von Teese [twice!]
Graffti [sic]
Rocks Bay Max [I’m interpreting this one as “Baymax rocks”]
The Beatles
A non-American event [response from the artist: “You win – DGA”]


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