Dias De Los Artistas Popular


In the Barrick lobby stands the Andy Warhol Day of the Dead Altar, the 2nd annual visitor-made time capsule that has the early round of offerings to the late artist. It uses the Mexican tradition of honoring treasured members who left the mortal world while also being a platform for commentary on pop art.  From the Los Angeles Times:

Dia De Los Muertos altars are one of the most important elements of the yearly celebration. The altar is a fascinating mixture of symbolism that comes from both native traditions and Catholic beliefs brought to Mexico by the Spanish conquistadors. As such, it is highly representative of Mexican culture, which itself is an incredible amalgamation of traditional indigenous beliefs and customs combined with elements of European tradition and aesthetics.

Visitors are invited to join the tradition by placing an offering, or ofrenda, to create layers of meaning in public space. This altar celebrating Andy Warhol is also inspired by his Time Capsules. From Warhol.org:

He recognized that cardboard boxes used in the move were an efficient method for dealing with all of his “stuff.” Warhol selected items from the daily flood of correspondence, magazines, newspapers, gifts, photographs, business records and material that passed through his hands to put in the open box by his desk. Once the box was full, he sealed it with tape, marked it with a date or title and put it in his archive. Collectively, this material provides a unique view into Warhol’s private world, as well as a broad cultural backdrop illustrating the social and artistic scene during his lifetime. From the early ’70s until his death in 1987, Warhol created 612 finished Time Capsules.

Andy Warhol Day of the Dead Altar is up until October 31.


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