Sharing The Little Secrets

Vogel Deinstall_1

Paige Bockman, Barrick staffer, helped deinstall The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection last week. Then she shows off some little secrets, like the birthday greeting Stephen Antonakos wrote to Herbert Vogel.


As you may recall:

Beginning in 1962, New York postal clerk, Herbert Vogel, and his librarian wife, Dorothy, began collecting contemporary works of art. The couple dedicated all of Herb’s salary to purchasing art, and in a few decades had amassed a collection encompassing some 4,000 works.

Today, these works form one of the most remarkable collections of contemporary art in America. Motivated by the desire to share their collection with the public, they couple developed a program to gift 50 works to one institution in each of the 50 states, including UNLV. This program became known as Vogel 50×50. The collection includes the work by such notables as Stephen Antonakos, Neil Jenney, Lynda Benglis, Lucio Pozzi, Edda Renouf, Bettina Werner and Richard Tuttle.

During a busy schedule of meeting with UNLV MFA Fine Art students, New York-based painter Mike Cockrill, the visiting speaker for last week’s Artist Lecture Series, slipped over to the Barrick to see the works by Richard Tuttle in The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection.

Cockrill found the tag. It was on a blank wall. The art was taken down moments before. Fortunately, Tuttle’s works were still on the cart waiting to be packaged and stored.  The Barrick staff wheeled it out for Cockrill to view, and spoke to the staff about Richard’s work. Cockrill also shared his tale of meeting with the Vogels, and his experience of viewing of the inaugural exhibition of the Vogel’s collection at The National Gallery. Graciously Cockrill gave Tuttle’s work an extra hour of being on exhibition.

Post by Ed Fuentes.


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