Study Break ‘Stained’ Glass Summer

Stained Glass Summer

A few weeks ago there was a brief moment when artist Alisha Kerlin, the Barrick Museum collection manager, was stumped. She was looking for an idea that would give students a visual respite while prepping for finals.

Kerlin wasn’t stumped for long.

She eyed the materials in the Art Bar, then looked at how the light falls through the lobby windows. She took a few pieces of used materials and overlapped them against the glass to see how they played with the light. The pop-up patterns became playful experimentation, so she decided to use that for a “week-long artistic collaboration with fellow students.” From the Study Break Stained Glass Summer flier.

Join the Barrick Museum May 2-7 during the daylight hours to create a stained glass inspired window installation — Relax and enjoy a soothing respite from your studies while experimenting with color theory and light.

Materials will be provided. This event is free and open to students, faculty, and staff.


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