Visitor Made: David Gilbert



This month the Barrick’s Visitor Made activity was inspired by David Gilbert. Gilbert, for those of you who haven’t seen our current show yet, creates temporary installations and then photographs them. “In their interplay of decor and deconstruction, the pictures echo staged photographs by predecessors from John Divola to Saul Fletcher, but Gilbert’s tattered theatrics have an irresistible nuttiness that is theirs alone,” wrote Vince Aletti in the New Yorker last year while Gilbert’s one-man Secret Garden was on display at Klaus von Nichtssagend.

Make installations, we told our visitors. Then take photographs.




We were delighted to meet two postgrad students who had seen the event mentioned in the UNLV calendar. They worked together, sorting through the Art Bar for the right objects and changing their work as they went.




It was interesting, said one of us afterwards, to see how different people made such disparate things out of a single pile of materials. 





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