Las Vegas in OIL


Image credit: UNLV Photo Services/R. Marsh Starks.

Edward Burtynsky: OIL showcases a vast display of photographs that examine the role fossil fuels play in the evolution of culture and environments. Presented within the thematic context of Motor Culture, four of these images are set in Las Vegas. Arial views of expansive residential and industrial neighborhoods of the Las Vegas Valley are included in order to illuminate the effect oil has had on the development of the city’s architecture and urban planning.  Situated among other photographs pertaining to the cultural aspects of oil, these images challenge viewers to consider how the use of fossil fuels impact urban growth and societal norms. Please join us on November 2nd at 7:30pm as Edward Burtynsky will be speaking at the Marjorie Barrick Museum, providing the Las Vegas community with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of his work and the chance to discuss the difficult themes touched on by the OIL exhibition, currently on display through January 14, 2017.

Geographical Coordinates for the LAS VEGAS photographs included in Edward Burtynksy: OIL.  

“Industrial Park, Las Vegas, NV.”               36°04’35.4”N           115°11’17.7”W

“Suburbs #1”                                                     36°09’23.9”N           115°18’41.3”W

“Suburbs #2”                                                     36°08’10.6”N           115°17’10.4”W

“Suburbs #3, with Quarry”                            36°07’25.5”N           115°15’14.6”W

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