A message from outgoing Director, Aurore Giguet

Dear Friends and Supporters,

As I leave my position as Director of the Marjorie Barrick Museum, I want to express my gratitude for the opportunities I’ve had at the Museum over the last 23 years. The experience has provided me with many wonderful memories, a sense of pride, and has allowed me to grow into a leader. There are many exciting plans ahead for the Barrick, none of which would be possible without the fantastic staff, volunteers, and you, the supporters of the Museum.

This fall, the Barrick will be kicking off a yearlong celebration of its 50th anniversary which will include a new membership program and a “50 works for 50 years” initiative with the goal of adding 50 new works to the growing art collection — several new works have already been added this summer. The Barrick was founded as an arm of the Desert Research Institute, and has grown, transformed, and survived over the past five decades because of the committed and passionate staff, and its community supporters. The future is bright for the Barrick.

As the only recognized museum on the campus of UNLV, the Barrick Museum is the cornerstone of art on campus. The Museum has tremendous potential to bring to fruition important aspects of the University’s strategic plan, and it should be a true partner in promoting the mission of the University to achieve Top-Tier status. Conceived as a social space designed to engage students, faculty, and the public through exhibition areas and public programming the Barrick is a unique multi-purpose facility that supports activities that enhance student, campus, and community life. The Museum has the capability to be a hub of intellectualism and cross-departmental collaboration and the birthplace for programs that become a part of UNLV’s fabric.

On any given day at the Museum, you can find visitors engaged in lively discussions, reading, studying, creating, and viewing the exhibitions. Through the Museum, visitors gain access to the diverse riches of the University and gain hands-on exposure to the larger world of artistic creativity. During my tenure at the Museum, I have strived to make the Barrick a welcoming and engaging place. Believing that museums take their character and quality from the communities they serve.

I have had an amazing 23 years, and I look forward to supporting my successor and continuing to champion the Barrick from afar.

Wishing you all the very best,



Here are few of my favorite recent staff photos. People make the place and the Barrick has the best. Plus it would be hard to make a selection of exhibition and programming photos, just too many amazing things to choose from.


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Guestbook Comments



It’s been a while since we posted pictures of our guestbook comments.




We thought it was time to do it again. This is a nice one. We are lovely. We are thanked.




One of the new works that Justin Favela described in that talk is on view at the CAC’s juried show until tomorrow, if you haven’t seen it yet.




We are the best museum on the Love Campus.




En fuego!

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Study Break ‘Stained’ Glass Summer

Stained Glass Summer

A few weeks ago there was a brief moment when artist Alisha Kerlin, the Barrick Museum collection manager, was stumped. She was looking for an idea that would give students a visual respite while prepping for finals.

Kerlin wasn’t stumped for long.

She eyed the materials in the Art Bar, then looked at how the light falls through the lobby windows. She took a few pieces of used materials and overlapped them against the glass to see how they played with the light. The pop-up patterns became playful experimentation, so she decided to use that for a “week-long artistic collaboration with fellow students.” From the Study Break Stained Glass Summer flier.

Join the Barrick Museum May 2-7 during the daylight hours to create a stained glass inspired window installation — Relax and enjoy a soothing respite from your studies while experimenting with color theory and light.

Materials will be provided. This event is free and open to students, faculty, and staff.


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Visitor Made for April: Big Kid / Little Kid

LYRA Drawing

“Lyra’s Drawing” (2016) Lyra Esposito Steele with collaborators Laura Steele and  John Esposito. Colored Pencil, Watercolors. 52 x 34.5 inches

On the Barrick Museum’s Xeric garden patio, there will be plenty  of materials and watercolor paper for a special Visitor- Made Series April 21, says Alisha Kerlin, Collections Manager.  It was an artist, and a graduate school colleague from the Bard’s Milton Avery School of Art, who inspired the idea of creating a large–scale work with a small child. Anything can happen. Here was the creative process:

 We started by taping a large sheet of heavy watercolor paper to the floor.  Daily, over a period of one month, we took time to focus on drawing with Lyra, our two-year-old, by using colored pencils and water, building on what we had done in the days before.  Lyra had free reign to draw when, where, and what she wanted.  John and I added shapes and color fields to  accentuate Lyra’s markings, and occasionally trace a foot or hand, as instructed by Lyra.  At two, Lyra seems to know exactly what she wants and often told us what colors to use, where to sit and make marks.  Throughout the process we were careful to follow her lead so as to maintain Lyra’s spirit and voice in the drawing as much as possible.

Big Kid / Little Kid Collaboration” will be held from 4 to 7 pm on April 21. Artist teams can arrive anytime. Stay for a short creative spurt,  or stay the whole time. The Barrick Museum will supply large-scale paper, non-toxic paints and other materials. When the masterpiece is completed it can stay behind to be displayed in the lobby, or be taken home to hang on the wall.


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